Summer Bucket List

Creating a Summer Bucket List is such a fun exercise to do with the kids. We made one of these last year and posted it in the playroom. The list doesn't allow for many dull moments and defintely no, "I'm bored" whining. We had plenty of ideas to fill our summer days with. Part of the fun was checking them off as we completed them. We didn't hit every activity on our list last summer; hopefully, we'll have better luck this summer.

Rather then sitting down with the boys to make a list, I would get ideas from them about what they wanted to do this summer while we were out running errands or in the car on our way to school. This kept them occupied when having to tag along with mommy to get stuff done and also made for great conversations in general. Of course, I did not write this list while driving...that wouldn't be very safe. Instead, I stored all those great ideas away to recall a few nights later when I had the chance to sit down, pull out some markers and make the "Summer Bucket List" look pretty. 

We're so excited for summer and are looking forward to making memories while tackling our Summer Bucket List. 

*Side Note: I was so inspired by the list the boys and I created, that I've decided to make my own Summer Bucket List. Looking forward to sharing that one as well!


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