Catching up on Easter

I can't believe I gone so long without a post. We've been incredibly busy, but no excuse. Especially since my blog is a creative and therapeutic outlet for me. Ok, enough of the guilt...

A week ago we celebrated Easter with family in Orlando. We had a great time with all of the kids. It's always a bit chaotic when we all get together, but that just adds to the fun.

O had been battling a runny nose and on/off again fever most of the week of Easter, so I was a bit weary of traveling. On Wednesday night I discovered he was breaking a top canine tooth, which in my mind explained the runny nose & fever (even though the doctor says this is a complete wives tale). The good news came on Saturday morning when O woke up with no fever, yippee!

We spent the afternoon playing with our cousins and having a blast. We headed out for a nice Italian dinner and surprisingly the kids did really well. We closed the night with some Easter egg dying and cookie frosting.

We opted out of church on Sunday morning. There was no way we were going to make it out of the house in time to make mass.

My SIL is an amazing hostess. She is so creative and wonderful in the kitchen. She had a great menu planned for brunch which included French toast casserole, sausage, egg and cheese casserole, honey baked ham, spinach and strawberry salad,fresh fruit, yogurt and granola and a asparagus-gruyere tart . Wait for it though, I have not forgotten about dessert. For dessert, we had the homemade cookies the kids decorated, bunny bait to munch on, Cadbury egg cupcakes and these amazing carrot cake cookie sandwiches.  I am full just thinking about all of the food.

After brunch, the kids headed outside for an egg hunt. This is always entertaining. While O did better this year, he still needed some help. He could care less about the candy in the eggs (thank God) and eventually retreated to the play set to play.

We had a great time spending Easter in Orlando. I am happy we made the trip since it will be some time before we can travel to see them again with the arrival of our new little guy.

Enjoy the pictures below from our weekend. Hope you had a great time celebrating Easter or Passover with your family.


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