Cupid is Here ~ Valentine's Day 2013

I feel like Valentine's Day has been the longest day ever. Oh wait, it kind of was because our house has been celebrating our love for each other for the last 14 days. It's hard to believe that it's over in just a few hours. So I have quite a bit to share tonight. Let's start with the last two gifts I gave the Mister.

Day 13- You're My Super Hero

Day 14- Happy Valentine's Day "Life is Picture Perfect with You!"

I love Day 14's gift. I had so much fun making it for the Mister's office. He loved it also! Now fast forward to dinner time. Earlier in the week the Mister asked if I wanted to go out to dinner Valentine's Day. I quickly answered- NO! The last thing I want to do is go out to dinner ON Valentine's Day and be one of those crazy couples that waits for a table and over pays for dinner just because it's a Hallmark holiday. Plus there is the babysitting element and we have a ton in the coming months and I didn't want to waste an ask for dinner. So I decided to bring the excitement home and have fondue here. It's was fairly easy to prepare (Mister was a great help entertaining O and keeping him from crawling up my leg while I prepared everything), much cheaper then going out and A LOT of fun! Thanks to Michelle and Maria who let me borrow their fondue pots. My one was not going to cut it. We had three courses. We ate the 1st and 2nd courses simultaneously. Course 1- Cheese Fondue with zucchini, broccoli and soft pretzel bites for dipping. Course 2- Main Course- chicken and steak. Course 3- Dessert, Chocolate Fondue with bananas, strawberries and pineapple for dipping. My mouth is watering just thinking about dinner.

Next time your looking for something fun and different to do for dinner, I highly recommend breaking out your Fondue pot. Looking for recipes, checkout my Party & Entertaining Ideas board on Pinterest.

I put together a Smilebox collage that captures our  2013 Valentine's Day. Hope you enjoy!

Remember to love the one you're with. Happy Valentine's Day!


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