Cupid Has Arrived

I pinned this yarn wreath over the holidays. My hopes were to actually make it mid January so we could enjoy it for a while (just took down my FSU rag wreath, a little overdue).  Better late then never and now I'll have it for years to come.

Source- I did my best to source this, however, the pin takes you to a picture on twitter. Couldn't find the original source, but wanted to at least let you know where I found it.

Since there were no instructions, I just winged it. Pretty simple.

- Foam wreath (size is personal preference.  he,he, i just laughed. I need to get my head out of the gutter.)
-Gray yarn (I have left overs if anyone wants.)
-Felt squares (I bought 4 which was way to much, but I wanted the different colors.)
-Heart stencil
-Glue gun
-Marker or inky pen for tracing
-Ribbon to hang

Making your wreath-
Step 1- Wrap your foam wreath with yard. I started by knotting the yarn and wrapping from there. I knotted it off when I finished as well.
Step 2- Cut your hearts. I used a small heart cookie cutter I had as a stencil to trace onto my felt and then out each heart. The number of hearts will depend on the size of your wreath as well as the pattern you want to create.
Step 3- I used a glue gun to adhere each heart to the wreath. Can't go wrong with the good ole glue gun.
Step 4- I used yarn to criss cross over the hearts and knotted this off in the back as well.
Step 5- Lastly, I cut a piece of pink ribbon to hang mt wreath. I actually used a straight pin to pin this to the back of the wreath. Could also use your glue gun.

That's it friends. Pretty simple and super cute. The most time consuming part was wrapping the yarn. I suggest picking a favorite TV show or catching up on your DVR for this task.

Love is in the air...


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