DIY Tic Tac Toe Board

I just love when a project comes together with items you already have on hand. It doesn't happen that often, but we got lucky this time around. The boys are really into tic tac toe right now. It's a saving grace when we venture out to a restaurant for a meal. They love drawing the board, picking what color crayon they want to use and of course, who will be "X" and who will be "O."

The inspiration for this DIY tic tac toe board actually came to me when I was cleaning out and purging my kitchen. What a project that was! I was looking through my Good Will donation pile when I spotted a small wooden cutting board and thought, how can I give that a new purpose? I pulled  it out of the donation pile and put it aside. 

Fast forward a week, P and I are dropping O off at drop off there are tables of games set up for the kids to play until they break off into their groups for the day. P walks in like he owns the place every morning and just starts playing. This one particular morning he sat down at a table that had a wooden tic toe set and that's when I knew I would use the old cutting board to make a tic tac toe board!

Being a #boymom, my life is consumed with superheroes, legos, cars, trucks, sports and video games.  So naturally, I thought it would be fun to tie in a theme. I pulled out my sticker stash to see what we had and found an entire book of Marvel stickers, which is how our "Spiderman V. Hulk" tic tac toe theme was born! I used the stickers to decorate the rocks we used as our "X" & "O" (there was no way I could free hand those images.) The fun part about this project besides the end result, was including the boys in the crafting process. 

P and I started by stealing rocks from our front yard landscaping. Shh, don't tell daddy. Next, we painted all of the rocks black. 

The rocks needed a couple of coats of paint. Once they dried, we put either a Hulk or a Spiderman sticker on each rock. We did a total of 10 rocks (5 Spiderman and 5 Hulk). After putting stickers on the rocks, we painted each rock with a clear coat of dodge dodge to keep the sticker from peeling off. Somehow I managed not to get a single picture of this step. That can sometimes be the downside of crafting with the boys. So much going on, that I forget to take pictures. 

For the tic tac toe board, I used my small cutting board I plucked out of the donation pile and some scrap black vinyl I had and used my fiskars paper cutter to cut.

Once the rocks were completely dry, it was time to get our game on. A little after bath tic tac toe strategy taking place in the picture below.

The boys are loving their new tic tac toe board and mommy is loving watching them play and grow together!


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