Coffee Station

While scrolling through Pinterest (shocker), I came across a pin for a Coffee Bar and thought, "I want/NEED"  a coffee bar! And so it began. My fingers started franticly typing in the search bar and my eyes began scouring the page. My brain was going in a million different directions and I was in Pinterest heaven. I pinned a few I liked and thought I could pull off in the space I was working with. In the end, it cost me $5.99 to make my little coffee station.

What's in my coffee station?

1. What actually makes my cute little coffee station a "station" is this adorable gray metal half basket I found at HomeGoods for $5.99. I also bought the next size up, but in the end decided this was the right size for my counter space. The basket holds my counter top essentials for my coffee station.

2. This crystal sugar bowl was my grandmother's. Any time I have the opportunity to use or display a piece of her crystal I jump at it! This was the perfect size for my station. In it you'll find packets of sugar in the raw and splenda for when my friends visit. I have to keep my mama's pumped with coffee. It's what keeps us going!

3. Another beautiful crystal piece that was my grandma's. This one is a candy bowl I put to good use. It holds the most vital piece of our coffee bar...our coveted Dunkin Donuts kcups. Oh, how we love our DD kcups!

4. I used the little milk cup from my everyday set to store the spoons.

5. Mugs! Can't have coffee without coffee mugs. These are the mugs from our everyday plate sets. I love these mugs. They're a great size.

I needed a little something more to define my coffee station. I had originally wanted to relocate the station to the other side of the kitchen, but it just didn't make sense since the rest of the coffee mugs  are housed in the cabinet above it's current location. I came across this cute little printable at the DIY Mommy. It was free too! I printed it out and put it in a frame that I had laying around the house.

This was such a simple and fun project. I would have loved to have done a stand alone coffee station, but my kitchen just won't allow for that. There were so many neat ideas I saw on Pinterest. Our little coffee station is perfect for our counter and I promise you that I am already putting it to great use!


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