Life Hack- What to do with hanging blind cords???

{This is NOT a sponsored post, just my opinion, based on my experiences.}

We have a lot of windows in our house.  I love the natural light it gives, especially in our kitchen nook. This particular set of windows happens to be a favorite with the boys. The height of the window is just perfect for their peering little eyes. What stinks about these windows is that the blinds are typically open, which means the blind cords hang extra long. Long enough for a little boy to play with, tug on and try to pull off the wall! Not to mention, probably some sort of choking hazard.

In an effort to keep my blinds on the windows and the boys safe; I needed to find a solution fast. And I did! The good news is that it was a quick and cheap fix. Super cheap because I happen to have a package of Command Clear mini hooks on hand. If you haven't used Command hooks before, you're missing out! They're great because you don't have to put holes in your walls and they're easy to remove. I use them a lot during the holidays to hang holiday decor.

I placed a small, clear, mini hook about the midpoint on the inside of each window frame. Now instead of the cord hanging and begging for a little person to come and tug on it; it's neatly hanging from its clip and out of reach.

The kitchen windows are still a fun place to gather and play and best of all they're safe (from being pulled down or choking someone (little boys do crazy things)).

Hopefully I've inspired you to use Command hooks for your next home or life hack. Bonus is that they sell them at Michael's Arts and Crafts and you can use a 40% off coupon to purchase. They also carry them in all the major stores -  Wal-Mart, Target, & Publix.


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